Smart ideas to keep your Baby safe and sound

Baby in onesy

If you’ve just had a baby or are expecting a bundle of joy in the near future then hopefully, you’ve already painted the spare bedroom. Here a just a few clever ideas to help make sure your baby is safe at night or during the day.

A smart camera or a baby monitor (like this) is a brilliant addition to any baby’s room. There are quite a few features that come with even the cheapest units. A colour screen for instance, although the cheaper ones’ screens really do look quite small. There’s night vision, to see what’s happening while it’s dark. And tilt and zoom, so you can adjust the camera if your baby moves about while sleeping. On more expensive models there’s a two way talk facility, so it can act a bit like an intercom. Room temperature sensors make sure that your baby is not too hot or cold. Notifications can be set up that will alert you if your baby has woken up or gone to sleep.

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If you want something a little more cutting edge, this baby monitor acts just like a fitbit. It clips onto your baby’s nappy/diaper and connects to your mobile phone using low powered bluetooth technology. It can sense temperature, breathing rate and also what side they’re sleeping on. With this innovative gadget you can be rest-assured that your baby is sleeping in a healthy and safe position.


Security these days is something we all should worry about a bit more. Unfortunately it came to light a few years ago that baby monitors are not immune to being hacked. There are various brands that will keep your data in the cloud. This basically means that it’s on a big server somewhere that’s probably not in the same country as you. So if the camera you’re looking at offers to be able to access footage from the cloud via your phone, beware. If this company hasn’t really locked their systems down, then your simple baby monitor could be a portal into your home for hackers, spies, the government or who knows! Going with trusted brands might be the way forward, but even brands such as Philips have been hacked so watch out.

If you have Nest and Google home, you might want to think about using a Nest internal security camera instead? With these you’ve got tilt and zoom, two-way talk, and night vision too. As well as being able to see your home from your phone wherever you may be.

If you already have an internal security system why not just buy an additional camera and an internal heat sensor for the baby’s room? After all you’ll be using the infrastructure you already have. It might not look as cute as an iBaby or something but you could use it for another part of the house when the baby gets older. If you’re thinking about internal security have a look at our article here.


For a little piece of mind a dedicated baby monitor may be the way to go, as it’s more geared to keeping an eye on your child. But if you can see yourself being away from home in the future after the baby has grown up, or you have pets that you’d like to keep an eye on, a more general home security device might be more flexible.