Securing your home with a Smart Lock

Smart locking systems are used in many different ways and are incredibly useful . Upgrading your home will allow you the ease of smart features like keyless entry, automatic locking and guest entry.

The best thing about these locks is that you can fit them yourself. Many will allow you to attach the new lock over the internal section of your existing lock so that they now work in unison. This means you can operate the lock remotely, from a distance with your smartphone or just use the lock with the key you use every day.

Home Security

August supplies a smart deadbolt that will fit over your existing lock. This instantly upgrades your front door with smart lock technology. It operates via a smartphone app that will let the user open the door with just a swipe, or even a voice command. 

All smart locks work via bluetooth and require the user to have a smartphone and to use their IOS or Android app. In order for remote access a WiFi connection bridge is also needed. This allows communication between you and your locks when you’re away from home. The August one is just a wireless plug that occupies just one 3 pin wall plug, so it wont clutter up the place.

A top rated app

The app gives you a wealth of features including a record of who’s been in and out of the house. A sensor’s also included which lets you know if the door’s been left open. The app allows you to grant access to people you trust with guest key access. So no more leaving keys under a brick outside, which is obviously a security risk. Just give anybody access to use the door with their smartphone at set periods of time. Perfect for holiday lets and airbnb, or dog walkers, or gas engineers who might be popping by. 

Auto lock / unlock just by being near to the door. This is so helpful for when you need to get inside when your hands are full. Perfect too if you’ve just come back from an evening out when keys are just too difficult to use! Gain entry just by using your iPhone, Apple watch or Android device. Some wearable devices allow access too, but you’ll need to consult their website for more information. If you want the lock to integrate with the rest of your smart home then you’ve got it. It will tallk to Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, as well it being compatible with Z-Wave technology and HomeKit. With this in mind you can ask just ask Alexa/Siri/Google to open the front door from another room if you see someone approaching the door.

All in all, this smart lock is easy to install and tough and secure. It works well with your smart house integration, but also allows you to use it as normal with your standard keys. As well as making your house more accessible, it gives you the ability to let friends and family or guests access to your home at your choosing when you’re away. 

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If you’re wondering about what might be needed when fitting this lock here is the installation guide.

Mechanical Smart Locks

If you don’t really require an all singing and dancing smart lock but still want something a bit smarter, then a keyless lock might be for you. Paired with a night latch on the inside, you can fit a highly secure lock to an outside door. This will give you the freedom to enter and exit with a pin code, key fob, or a key card instead of needing a key. Perfect for when guests are staying or if you let a spare room out for airbnb. It’s also great if you have accessibility issues and other people need to sometimes enter your home. You can set up to 20 different key codes, so not everyone will just use the same code to get in and out. This is useful if you want to give different groups access at different time periods. You can set-up multiple key cards too.

Fitting the lock has been reported as mostly straight-forward but wiring is needed to pass through the door, so an extra hole is needed here.

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Fitting a Smart Lock is not a difficult thing for any DIY enthusiast. Either of these Smart Locks will give you the added flexibility to let people into your home while still keeping it secure.