Hi Tech Pet ideas for your Smart Home

Lady with dalmation

Should our pets be left out in the cold from the house of the future? How do our adorable bundles of fur benefit from Smart tech? Here are a few ideas for the most up-to-date hi tech smart pets.

Pet doors

Cat flaps that read your pet’s microchip have been around for a while and they’re great for stopping strays from doing unspeakable things to your kitchen floor. As long as you remember to change the batteries! Now, these microchip pet doors can talk to your phone and let you know when it was last used. It also lets you know if your cat is in or out. It can give you helpful stats and tell you if your pet’s behavior has changed at all. If that’s not enough your pet door can be remotely locked or unlocked if you’re away. So if you saw a bad storm was on the way, you could make sure kitty doesn’t go out in it. A hub comes with the pet door flap that needs to talk with your home WiFi router.

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Going away or coming home late becomes a problem when you have a pet and expensive catteries are not always an option. What do you do if a friend or neighbour can’t pop round and feed the cat? Your hi tech pet shouldn’t be left high and dry. Automatic feeding trays can be just the solution you’re looking for. Some offer up to 5 meals and it comes with a digital timer and a chiller pack for wet or dry food. A timer can operate the feeder, and if the storage is low, alerts can be sent to your smartphone.

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You can also get pet water fountains that provide fresh filtered water on a timer. They do vary in terms of features, and the cheaper ones don’t connect up to the mains. Here’s one tip we found out recently. Cats prefer their water to be away from their food supply, otherwise they won’t use it. They’re lovely, but very weird sometimes!


Worried about where your cat goes at night, or maybe your dog likes to escape? Pet trackers are a good affordable option and although they need a SIM card a subscription isn’t nearly as costly as a mobile phone. They work by using GPS for location and deliver a position on a map using an app on your mobile phone. Some offer fitness tracking as well, so you can see how much exercise your pet is actually getting (FitBark). 

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Now if you really want to spoil your cat rotten you could buy them a smart heated cozy cat igloo. Yes cats can be hi tech pets too! Controllable from an app on your phone this temperature monitored pet house has a heated induction pad that warms up the bed but cools as well. Infra-red sensors can track how long your pet has been inside.

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There’s loads of products out there to cater for our busy lifestyles so that our pets aren’t neglected. We can now monitor nearly every aspect of our pets’ wellbeing and health, and track them if they run off. Smart Homes can be full of smart pets too.